school: Domus Academy
course: 2-Year Master of Arts in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology
location: Milan, Italy
course dates: October 2023 – October 2025
application deadline: 09/02/2023


Domus Academy's two-year Master of Arts program in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology offers an innovative approach to creativity and the fashion industry, establishing and anticipating cross-cultural directions of multi-faceted themes.


The course integrates art, fashion technology, and digital design within a new framework of multidisciplinary theory, practice, and experimentation. Students will explore technology, artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, and the ecologies of materials. They will also examine new business models based on sustainability, circularity, and ethical practices.


Domus Academy launches a competition for scholarships to support next-generation talents across the year. Find out more about current opportunities for the Masters courses, here:

the course is over



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