school: IE University, School of Architecture and Design
course: Dual Degree in Business Administration & Fashion Design
location: Madrid and Segovia, Spain
course dates: September 2024 to July 2029
application deadline: 08/15/2024


Embark on a transformative journey spanning five years with the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Fashion Design at IE University. This program is meticulously designed for forward-thinking individuals who are deeply passionate about both the world of business and creative expression. It offers an engaging curriculum that provides you with a solid foundation in business administration and fashion design.


This distinctive program empowers you to navigate the intricate intersection of fashion and entrepreneurship, fostering a global perspective and a strategic mindset. From scrutinizing industry trends to comprehending supply chains and branding, you'll acquire comprehensive insights and cultivate a valuable network, equipping you for impactful roles in the realms of fashion and business. These roles could encompass entrepreneurship, marketing, sustainability, and more. Your journey toward a remarkable career begins right here.



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