school: IE University, School of Architecture and Design
course: Bachelor in Fashion Design
location: Madrid and Segovia, Spain
course dates: September 2024 to July 2028
application deadline: 08/15/2024


Situated across campuses in Segovia and Madrid, IE University's Bachelor's program in Fashion Design is a vibrant and immersive four-year undergraduate program conducted in English.


This rigorous and full-time on-site program seamlessly blends craftsmanship, personal creativity, and a purpose-driven approach, with a strong focus on sustainability, business acumen, and management skills within the fashion field. It also merges traditional artisanal techniques with cutting-edge technologies. Students enjoy the advantages of the school's extensive network of international connections in the fashion design sector, coupled with our five decades of experience in business education.


With active participation in the global fashion industry, IE University's seasoned faculty mentors students on a transformative journey during their enrolment in this program.



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