school: Elisava, Barcelona School of Design & Engineering
course: Master in Algorithmic and Networked Photography
location: Barcelona. Blended.
course dates: September – June
application deadline: rolling deadline


This Master at Elisava redefines the role of the photographic and examines CGI, AI generated images, screenshots and in-game photography. The Master in Algorithmic and Networked Photography offers an investigation into the world of chronically digital images and terminally online visual culture. Creative, conceptual and critical, the master provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge of post-photography, AI images, networked images, machine vision and synthetic imaging.  


It invites you to reflect upon the social, political and economic implications of different technological imaging systems. Simultaneously, it encourages you to experiment and create with hardware and software, as well as appropriating and misusing media platforms through artistic and alternative forms of image-making. 



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