school: School of Disruption
course: Space Architecture Workshop
location: Lugano, Switzerland
course dates: June 12-16, 2023
application deadline: 06/11/2023


The School of Disruption, from the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, hosts a special offline Space Architecture Workshop in Lugano, Switzerland. The unique workshop, run in partnership with the International Space University, connects students with international renowned experts in the field. Participants will be challenged with highly practical and specific briefs to design for Earth. Small groups, accompanied by mentors, will be formed to develop a project over the five-day event, from June 12-16, 2023. Workshop participants will receive an official certificate from the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Each team will present its project at the end. A jury will then evaluate and recognize the best design with a special award.



The workshop follows on from the popular online Space Architecture & Design course from the school. Students are tasked to design more sustainable living environments and systems to face social and geopolitical changes, climate crisis and new housing needs. The designs, ideas, and technologies for space aim to impact the development of cities and homes on earth, whilst also considering a new relationship between humans, habitats, transport methods, and the environment. 




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