Born of a Canadian appreciation for infinite virgin wilderness, this collection of organic vignettes pursues themes of abstraction. Bilateral Symmetry, Sine Wave, and Hybrid algorithms yield visual curiosities of architectonic intrigue. These introspections span 15+ years of gathering, exploring, and selection following a marvelous, serendipitous path long assured of its own sustainment.

Recognizable throughout are fundamental male/female vocabularies of evolution, revealed in proto-historic expressions of Toltec-Tolkien Ozymandian relics intertwined with a hint of Escher and a pinch of Giger. Some images are not for the feeble-minded; others are simply pretty.

20”(50.8cm) X16”(40.6cm) exquisite prints on metal.

Customizable in media, size, and chroma for bespoke installations. Available on film for application to glass.

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