the ‘design performances’ series at design miami 2007 will feature a series of performances that will showcase design work in progress. these events will range in style from performance art to participatory design. one of the participating designers is jason miller, who will be performing ‘better than you remember’, a live design project that will use visitor input to create a new line of furnishings. here is a detailed description of the performance.

concept: hypnotize people and ask them about their memories of furniture that at some point has meant
something to them. record the memories and then use those memories as a starting point to create something

the setting and space: the exhibition space would have two parts: an interview room and workstation. the interview room will be constructed with an office like setting containing a couch for the subject, a chair for the hypnotist, a chair and table for miller and his assistant. the workstation will be used for making drawings.

step 1 – the interview the subject will sit on the couch and be hypnotized by a hypnotist. when the subject is in a hypnotized state, we will start the interview. the goal would be to find a specific domestic object that has meaning to the interviewee. as the interview is going on, miller and his assistant will be recording the memories that comes out.

step 2 – the drawing after the interview, miller will generate an idea for a new piece inspired by the memories that were uncovered in step 1. he will then make a drawing of the new jason miller-designed-customer-inspired object with his assistant.

step 3 – the final product upon seeing the drawing of the new object the customer will then have the choice to have the concept made into a finished product.

read more in designboom’s article on jason miller.

'better than you remember' design performance by jason miller ‘duct tape chair’ and ‘dusty table’ by jason miller studio and part of the performance ‘better than you remember’