’15 light’ installation by derek mcleod

this light installation by toronto designer derek mcleod features 50 of his 2009 designed ’15 lights’ hung in the second floor hallway.

the come up to my room exhibit gives a talented crop of artists and designers a chance to showcase their work through a series of unique installations inside toronto’s gladstone hotel. the installations are spread throughout the hotel, including inside the rooms, the hallways and even some of the bathrooms. there were 23 artists and designers included in this year’s show. this edition of come up to my room marks the sixth anniversary of the show and the first for the curatorial team of katherine morley, caroline shaheed, jeremy vandermeij and deborah wang.


come up to my room: part 3 – in the hall‘living wall’ by adam harris and parimal gosai

this green wall is doubly green since it is built from recycled plastic bags which have been repurposed to create small planters.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hallkey typography by andra hayward, shannon linde and christina ott

using keys collected from their neighbours, this trio of designers has created a unique typographic installation reading ‘come inside’.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hall‘chair for theo jansen’ by mark zupan and matthew r. compeau

using the kinetic sculptures of artist theo jansen as their inspiration, these two designers created a simple chair that can bend and fold in unusual positions.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hall

‘chair for tagore’ by shamir panchal and ray wang

tagore is a begali writer, composer and the inspiration behind this rocking stool which is made from a series of ribs and pegs which support the sitter.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the halllight boxes by grace yang & ‘this is a chair / chair for rei kawakubo’ by jane wong

l: grace yang featured a series of light boxes throughout the exhibit, each displaying a reading given to her by a psychic. r: for this chair dedicated to comme des garcons deisgner rei kawakubo, jane wong used the words ‘this is a chair’.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hall‘chair for kurosawa’ by jaime ferreira

taking inspiration from japanese director akira kurosawa, ferreira crafted a simple wood bench that curves to resemble the iconic samurai sword.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hallinstallation by nicholas bruscia and patricia schraven

this piece of furniture consists of more than meets the eye. a set of telephone receivers are spoken into and the table below echoes the voice with a vibration matched to the voice’s frequency. the table is covered in sand that is displaced into a series of patterns as it vibrates.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the halllanark sofa project by bakery group

this series of objects are made entirely from fallen and dying trees. the works uses the natural form of the tree trunks and branches to create tables and other objects that are sculptural and functional.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hall‘nest’ chandelier by coe&waito

this simple chandelier design is made from a series of ceramic twigs which appear bow to cradle the large soft bulb above.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the hallwood grain paintings by eric quebral

using vinyl wood grain patterns, designer and artist eric quebral creates images that reference the world of popular culture in a whole new way.

come up to my room: part 3 – in the halllights by kwangho lee

korean designer kwangho lee crafts intricate hanging lamps that are made from knotted cording which is intertwined into shade like forms.