australian designer daniel barbera recently showcased his latest collection made entirely from reclaimed wood. the series was shown at the design:made:trade: exhibition during the state of design festival in july. the new collection features small stools, stacking chairs and a small dining table. the wood used to build the pieces is reclaimed and left very raw with minimal finishing. the stools are kept simple with a top heavy seat and single plank sides. the chairs are very minimal as well but the angle of the backrest is adjustable and the wood on the seat is flexible to give the chair surprising comfort. barbera also displayed an example from his ‘shady’ lamp collection.

daniel barberareclaimed table set

daniel barberareclaimed wood stool

daniel barberareclaimed wood stools

daniel barbera‘shady’ lighting series

daniel barberareclaimed wood chairs

daniel barberareclaimed wood chair

daniel barberareclaimed wood chairs

daniel barberadaniel barbera