experimentadesign lisboa 09

experimentadesign lisboa 09

EXD’09 / lisboa – ‘it’s about time’ image © experimenta design / photo by marco reixa

taking place in lisbon since 1999, and amsterdam (since 2008) experimentadesign (EXD) is an international biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity, fostering and analyzing contemporary culture through discussion and reflection. the opening week (september 9-13) features conferences with such creatives as konstantin grcic, alejandro aravena, peter saville and julien de smedt. there will also be open talks with paola antonelli and alice rawsthorn. you can read the full programme of events here.

this year’s biennale is themed ‘it’s about time’, looking at time as a material, resource and challenge: time to take action, time to collaborate, time to make, time to reflect. we value time, we save it, we manage it, we fight it. time is never enough, so we are forced to prioritize. EXD’09 lisboa proposes to translate the double meaning of its theme into a programme which makes us think about the way we use time in design. it will look at how time plays a role in creative disciplines and how they can address shifting notions of time and urgency.

designboom is an online media partner of experimentadesign lisboa 2009. here is just a sneak peek at some of the exhibitions and events which are included in the programme.

experimentadesign lisboa 09

bottled spices – salt and pepper containers by joao sabino, part of the ‘timeless‘ exhibition image courtesy of experimentadesign

‘less’ can become an enlightening value instead of a restrictive fact. the ‘timeless‘ exhibition questions how less can be better and looks for ways in which we can redesign greed. bringing together a group of countries and their solutions to this challenge, the result is an experimental exhibition proposing new ideas, concepts and strategies addressing the motto ‘less is better’. material and immaterial, artifacts for the 21st century should require less resources, less complex production systems and use easier forms of distribution. hopefully they become ‘timeless’ pieces.

experimentadesign lisboa 09 campanas studio part of ‘pace of design’ exhibition image © 2009 experimentadesign / photo by eva engelbert

‘pace of design’ explores the subjective dimension of time and its impact on the design process. the exhibition looks at the work of designers and their studios in different parts of the world, focusing on time as a personal experience framed by social and cultural values. to what extent do local conditions still shape creative practices in a globalized market? how long is an hour in san francisco, tokyo or sao paulo? ‘pace of design’ brings to light how distinct cultural contexts translate into different uses, values and representations of time.

experimentadesign lisboa 09 konstantin grcic studio part of ‘pace of design’ exhibition image © 2009 experimentadesign / photo by eva engelbert

experimentadesign lisboa 09 ‘stop and think’ exhibition image © 2009 experimentadesign / photo by marco reixa

‘stop & think’ is an editorial project which calls upon architecture and lifestyle publications to place insightful criticism at the top of their agendas. the outcome will be two-fold: in september, a worldwide ‘critica wave’ will propel the biennale’s opening, as specially commissioned essays featured in participating magazines. later, the essays will be published in a compilation discussing current design and architectural criticism.

experimentadesign lisboa 09 GTF/50 projects part of ‘quick, quick, slow’ exhibition image © graphic though facility

‘quick, quick, slow’, curated by emily king, is an exhibition on the alternative history of graphic design in connection to time and notions of motion, accelleration and progression. it explores the mutual influences between motion graphics and print and looks at graphic designs evolving relationship with digital media.

experimentadesign lisboa 09 ian anderson, creative director of EXD’09 / lisboa image © shaun bloodworth

ian anderson is the creative director of experimenta design lisboa 2009. he is a self-taught, self-motivated creative agent, and was involved in the sheffield music and arts scene during his college years. he founded the designers republic (TDR) in 1986, which works as a branding and strategic consultant.

  • mod wrote in Portuguese and being an english website here is the translation


    To me it still seems that EXD (you make it sound so chic!) is profitable to a few, really. Some things that I overheard… stay with me.

    Regarding ”display of Portuguese design”, it was never achieved, despite all of Experimentas’ contributions.

    Experimenta is even behind ‘Portugal Brands’, that got bad marks for ‘Boca do Lobo’ and ‘Piurra’.

    Whatever, I don´t care. The local design stays local, and not often we get exceptions.

    It is sad for us really. But hey! There are pseudo-Starcks (self-proclaimed, obviously) atending our Universities, so it is all becoming… not.

    Hug! 😉

    Jul 30, 2009
  • De facto…

    A realidade é que a EXD (como lhe estás a chamar, muito chic!) sempre me pareceu um buraco financeiro para encher o bolso de alguns. Estando dentro deste mundo ouvi algumas coisas que.. bem, não interessam.

    Relativamente ao “mostrar o design português”, a Experimenta pode ter feito tudo, mas para este ponto em particular nunca contribuiu.

    Fez mais a ‘Portugal Brands’ pelo design nacional que a Experimenta, e atenção que a ‘Portugal Brands’ tem coisinhas MUITO más como a ‘Boca do Lobo’ e ‘Piurra’, ou lá o que é aquela porra………..

    Seja como for, sinceramente não quero saber. O design nacional não é sequer reconhecido lá fora, com muito raras excepções, e apenas com trabalhos esporádicos.

    É triste, mas é a nossa realidade. Mas hey! As nossas faculdades estão cheias de pseudo-Starcks (auto-intitulados, claro está), portanto o futuro é… é… é…. não é.

    Abraço! 😉

    Jul 29, 2009
  • The fact that she has not really a graduated professional maybe was why she stopped her activity, and yes, her designs were no bid deal and limited, maybe she thought she wasn’t really prepared for diving in to the industry after all. But that graduating thing is not a real argument mod… Tom Dixon is an industrial designer for sure.

    About, Marco Santos I don’t really know any rip-offs he made, but would like to know.

    I don’t really appreciate very much none of their work as designers, but as people with ambition and will to show portuguese design or / and put Portugal
    in the international design scenario.

    Can’t we just talk our language? No one else cares about EXD09! Eheh

    J. Goncalves
    Jul 29, 2009
  • J. Goncalves, two bad examples. A guy that usually rips off others work, and a very lazy (not to say another word) pseudo-industrial designer. And you cannot even call her designer since she isn’t one! She never finished her graduation only having done the 1st year of the course.

    Lets get things straight. Ok?

    The good thing about this is: the really great portuguese designers are too busy doing other stuff than wasting their time on pseudo-expositions in Portugal.

    But you will understand in a few months what I am saying here now….


    Jul 28, 2009
  • Dear mod

    Guta Moura Guedes stopped her activity as designer to work as curator and director of several, projects, exhibitions and books, and always with the industrial design as main subject, and she, and others such as Mario Carneiro, Marco Sousa Santos and more recently Ian Anderson for the Peter Zumthor warm up exhibition, have done a really great work, programming and directing Experimenta.

    Pure designers do not know how to organize something with such proportions. I’ll give you the best example -> the 1st edition of Experimenta Design in Lisbon, back in 1999, was directed by two industrial designers – Guta Moura Guedes, back then full-time designer, and Marco Sousa Santos. The result was a small but ambitious exhibition, fresh and with potencial, but with severe problems and lacks in managements, causing debts, and almost made it look like a worthless non-profitable event.

    This events should be directed by people that truly understand how do you build a event like this in everthing, so it looks really credible. Gathering supports, creating deals, curating induviduals, programming, etc are important functions that full time designers do not fully understand. And it must not by exhibition-thirsty-non-conscient-designers to lead this things.

    I rest my case.

    J. Goncalves
    Jul 28, 2009
  • http://www.askmelisboa.com/en specializes on tourists.

    There is a design public relashions building in Lisbon, CPD – Centro Português de Design, shaped like a design by Sena da Silva for a glass trophy.
    They do not have an english on-line version for their website.

    My e-mail is [email protected]
    I live in Lisbon, does that help in anyway?

    Jul 28, 2009
  • experimenta design in portugal could be great, yet it isn’t… and it will never be because of some subjects. the director isn’t a designer, even though she likes to pass the message that she is a designer.

    regarding that attitude all the portuguese (top) design schools don’t really give a damn about her, so there isn’t a design base big enough to support this. No wonder she has to search for designers from outside the country in order to work for this.

    and of course, they get this as a one time experience only, since they “learn the lesson” and don’t want to repeat.

    experimenta design? yes! but with other people on the lead… designers please!!!! and not people who call themselves designers and have fun making rubbish and copy-paste other’s work.

    Jul 28, 2009

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