‘bookcase’ by jay heo (sheridan college)

designgennext showcased work by up and coming canadian design students at this year’s interior design show. the exhibit featured work from the university of alberta, the ontario college of art & design and sheridan college among others. the designs on show ranged from furniture and lighting to ceramics and textiles. here is a selection of projects from the exhibit.

IDS09: designGENnext‘colour panels’ by evan lackey & ‘franner: a self-portrait’ by frank de jong (sheridan college)

IDS09: designGENnextl:‘burnt cabin’ LP container by katrina tompkins & ‘tree vase’ by chari cohen (sheridan college)r: ‘wall assemblage’ by chari cohen

IDS09: designGENnext‘sedia’ dining chair by darryl ferretti & ‘dining chair’ by william hampton (sheridan college)

IDS09: designGENnext ‘scapula’ by arash sadr & ‘lamp?’ by nicole tetreault (the ontario college of art & design)

IDS09: designGENnext‘wingman rocking stool’ by taylor smith & ‘school desk chair’ by larisa liepins (the ontario college of art & design)

IDS09: designGENnextballoon lamp by devin hobbins & wax lamp by thomas gaudin (university of alberta)