tomorrow, martí guixé will present his ‘pfic bar’ at fondazione sandretto re rebaudengo, turin, italy. ‘pfic bar’ (public fountain ice cube bar) is an ice cube fountain which works as the main equipment installation for a champaign bar. the exhibition will run from 5-7 june, 2008.

public fountain ice cube bar by martí guixé

more and more cities use sponsors and publicity to maintain or create public areas, spaces
or monuments, it is also well known that public monuments can generate lots of profit, as for
example ‘la fontana di trevi’ does. the ‘pfic bar’ is a model to create a private business through
a public monument. martí guixé shows in fondazione sandretto re rebaudengo: pfic bar
pfic bar is a business model.‘ MG

more details can be found at martí’s website: