currently on display at copenhagen design week 09, is showhow, an exhibition presenting social, sustainable design from international designers and companies. the projects address anything from business strategies to material research, social systems and sustainable production methods.

‘sunnan’ work lamp by nicolas cortolezzis for ikea

‘sunnan’ work lamp combines low energy LED technology with solar panels. just charge the panel for 9 -12 hours to get 4 hours of full light.

showhow exhibition ‘sunnan’ work lamp

showhow exhibition ‘grow II’ by smit smit were part of designboom’s kitchen ecology exhibition in june 2009

a hybrid-energy delivery device and modular system of photovoltaic panels that work using solar and wind power. minimize your environmental footprint by using renewable energy sources.

showhow exhibition ‘grow I and II’

showhow exhibition ‘grow II’

the modular system of photovoltaic panels works with solar and wind power, designed to enable crawling plants to grow up the facades of buildings.

showhow exhibition ‘grow II’

showhow exhibition ‘the idea of a tree’ by mischer’traxler mischer’traxler were participants in designboom’s handled with care exhibition in 2007

the ‘idea of a tree’ machine begins when the sun rises and stops when the sun sets. the machine pulls threads through a coloring device, glue basin and winds the threads around a mould to create an object.

showhow exhibition ‘binchotan jewelry’ by sort of coal

the jewelry collection consists of white charcoal bracelets and necklaces. the beads are made of the finest, hardest binchotan. the surface has a natural smooth finish. up close, you can see the fine lines of the wood and small purifying pores.

showhow exhibition ‘binchotan jewelry’

showhow exhibition ‘hakutan’ purifying air by sort of coal

white charcoal is made by hand and is naturally activated through a controlled burning process. ‘hakutan’ absorbs gases, pollution and odors from the air. it can be placed in your bathroom to regulate humidity, in the living room and kitchen to absorb cooking steam and odours.

showhow exhibition

showhow exhibition interior products by UMT, danida, the danish embassy in mozambique and danish industrythis project from UMT, danida, the danish embassy in mozambique and danish industry, sent a group of architecture and design students to africa to work together with local people.

showhow exhibition interior products by UMT, danida, the danish embassy in mozambique and danish industry