new design proposals by belgian design team james carrigan and sylvain willenz were presented at 100% design. shown above is ‘coated’ the particularity of coated is the simplicity of its elements and how they are put together. assembled only from three wooden poles inserted into a moulded plastic three-way tube structure, this holds everything together.

sylvain willenz at 100% design london ‘slide’ mirrors with 3D effect.

sylvain willenz at 100% design london ‘torch’

‘torch’ is a lamp with an inserted diffuser in diamond-shaped textured sheet polycarbonate. it comes in 2 shapes, conical and rounded.

sylvain willenz at 100% design london ‘inner tube’ another design willenz presented was the soft and flexible rubber shade ‘inner tube’, which maintains its shape by the light source itself. the black shade is stretched around the circle glass tube, creating an unusual void in its center, while diffusing a large contrasting white aura of light. contact between the two elements is also made possible as the tube remains warm.

sylvain willenz at 100% design london ‘dr.bamboozle’

another resourceful peice ‘dr.bamboozle’ sees bamboo dipped into yellow rubber, rubber acts as bonding agent and held the structure of these stools and benches together.