in 2006, designer chris jackson invited ten london based designers to illustrate their views on the subject of sustainability within the capital. the designers were restricted to work within a 10KM radius of their studios to utilise resources and scavenge materials, with a budget of £10. the resulting objects, both diverse and fresh in their perspectives and approach, were displayed at 100% design, london.

for 100% design 2007 the same 10 designers have reformed for ‘ten again’. under the same theme of sustainability, the designers will design/collate/batch produce/curate 10 objects. the ten designers were; carl clerkin, chris jackson, gitta gschwendtner, hector serrano, michael marriott, nina tolstrup, onkar singh kular, sam johnson, stephen bretland and tomoko azumi.

ten again at 100% design london

‘reduced carbon footprint souvenir’ by hector serrano

‘a collection of souvenirs that can be sent vi email and then materialize using a 3D printer (stereolithograph rapid
prototyping). no transport or standard production methods are required so the object carbon footprint is reduced to
the minimum. the project questions the way that objects are manufactured and how new technologies can be
applied to propose alternative ways of reducing their impact on the environment. the project becomes more
relevant as 3D printers become more affordable.’ HS

ten again at 100% design london

‘hooks’ by michael marriot

‘happiness is not something made. it come from your own actions.’ – the dalai lama

coat-hooks made from random objects.

ten again at 100% design london

sunglasses (made from cardboard) by stephen bretland

‘I’ve never managed to look after a pair for very long. why not make them more ephemeral and fleeting. maybe
used for one summer or just one vacation…

ten again at 100% design london

they could be made from a biodegradable material. it’s easy to customize them too, make yourself a new pair for a special occasion.’ SB

ten again at 100% design london paper shirt, one of the items contributed to the show by chris jackson.

‘ten minus one’ by chris jackson

‘my contribution is a combination of objects and images that I have found whilst traveling through asia. all of the
subject matter has a sustainable theme, whether it’s the use of a sustainable local material, or a comment on
issues which affect the local community, such as tourism.’ CJ

ten again at 100% design london

‘desperate measures’ carl clerkin

‘I have spent a good part of the this year living in houses without any services, due to these conditions I have had
to be extra resourceful, mostly with buckets, here is ten made fit for living purposes.’ CC

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