jason kinsella + charlotte bakken develop 1984 LEGO macintosh
all images courtesy of jason kinsella + charlotte bakken




oslo-based advertising creatives jason kinsella and charlotte bakken have recreated a scale model of the 1984 classic, the apple macintosh. the computer replica was constructed using pieces of LEGO with a few simple adjustments, enabling the technology icon to incorporate an apple iPad in its design. the project references how a brand is sometimes able to move in a full circle, the reproduction functions as a place to dock the iPad, read the newspaper, or watch a film.


kinsella and bakken’s sculptural reconstruction isn’t the first reinterpretation of apple’s early version of a desktop. creative chris mcveigh also built an original macintosh made of LEGO which designboom published here



‘the full circle’
video courtesy of charlotte bakken



1984 macintosh made of LEGO by jason kinsella + charlotte bakken
the LEGO macintosh functions as an iPad dock



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