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2-in-1 havaianas summer flip-flops zip into puffy winter sneakers

2-in-1 havaianas for all year round


Wearing flip-flops in winter might be next-level masochism as the wearer tries to brave through the frostbite – or be in style with a fashion trend – but Havaianas and LA-based streetwear brand MARKET have got everyone’s back when it comes to covering this want. The duo has created Zip Top Puffer, a shoe design that doubles as winter sneakers just by zipping up the puff cover. 


It looks like a dream come true for those who love the spongy sole padding of the flip-flops company and the rebel-driven design of the streetwear brand, not to mention the banana color that glazes the padding and lures in attention from the passersby. The duo has conceived Zip Top Puffer like a puff jacket but for the feet, so no more feet frostbite!

2-in-1 havaianas
images courtesy of Havaianas



The way it works is to use the zipper on the side to open or remove the upper cover. The compact and foldable cover can be stashed in the bag or be brought by the user anywhere they go, so when they feel like showing off their feet, they do not need to go home again to change their footwear.


The duo writes on their website that for the days that start cold, they recommend stepping into the Zip Top Puffer. When the temperature rises or the wearer feels like their feet are already too warm, they can just let them cool off by removing the cover to let the air in. Good news for those who do not like the top cover, the duo has also added two new family members in this reactive-sandals series.

2-in-1 havaianas summer flip-flops zip into puffy winter sneakers
banana-colored insoles



These flip-flops change colors based on feet warmth


Inspired by the Japanese thong sandals, the Tradi Zori might be one of the favorites of footwear enthusiasts with its thong style, comfortable toe post, and soft rubber insole. MARKET and Havaianas have taken it to new heights as they added thermochromic technology in Tradi Zori.


The reactive technology means that once wearers put them on, the insole changes its color from black to red based on the wearer’s body heat. It sounds like a visual alarm then. If their feet temperature is too hot and they see that the insoles have gotten read, it might be best to take a break from long walks and rehydrate.

2-in-1 havaianas summer flip-flops zip into puffy winter sneakers
2-in-1 havaianas flip-flopsfor all year round



Not everyone might love water breaks, so they can always stop by a café or restaurant – with air conditioning or heating, depending on the weather – and rest for a moment while they wait for Tradi Zori MARKET Flip Flops to return to its cool state.


Fans can also turn to Havaianas Top MARKET Flip Flops when they crave for a sandal design that screams a classic look but with the new reactive technology. From the looks of it, these sandals could be baits to find out if their sandals have been worn by someone else!


Tradi Zori MARKET FLip-Flops


MARKET visits brazil for the concept and design


In the video above, viewers can hear that MARKET wanted to fuse streetwear with beachwear. The team discovered the heat-activated flip-flops that resulted from this desire during their trip to Brazil, the home of Havaianas, before the pandemic.


They acknowledge how lucky they are that they toured around the country with Mr. Bailey, a sneaker designer and founder of CONCEPTKICKS. Together, they went on to experience what Brazil has to offer, visiting sneaker and sandal factories along the way.


From this inspiration, they started working on the design of the flip-flips and managed to bring to life the idea of heat-sensitive footwear with the team of Havaianas. ‘The biggest thing for us and going to any collaboration is how do we do something more than just color up a shoe, how can we make a story that really connected with the consumers,’ the MARKET team shares.

2-in-1 havaianas summer flip-flops zip into puffy winter sneakers
Zip Top Puffer

2-in-1 havaianas summer flip-flops zip into puffy winter sneakers
ZXip Top Puffer flip-flops


Top MARKET Flip-Flops


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name: Zip Top Puffer, Top MARKET Flip-Flops, Tradi Zori MARKET

companies: Havaianas, MARKET

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