during the world’s pinnacle design event, LEXUS is set to amaze visitors with a dazzling, illuminating event at milan design week 2019. the must see immersive experience — titled ‘LEADING WITH LIGHT’ — comprises three extraordinary elements: an interactive installation by rhizomatiks, ‘lexus lights tomorrow’ where their latest lighting technology will be on show, and a thought-provoking exhibition of the 2019 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD finalists’ prototypes.

milan design week 2019: LEXUS leads with light to a better tomorrow
photo by shizuo takahashi
all images courtesy of LEXUS



for the 12th edition, LEXUS will be present at milan design week and they will, once again, be collaborating with celebrated designers who are inspired by the automotive brand’s design philosophy. for 2019, japanese design studio rhizomatiks will create a light-themed innovative experience centered around an immersive performance. total darkness will be broken by dynamic beams of light as six robots appear from the shadows. soon after, however, a human performer will also step forward and move through the strobe with subtle, elegant motions. as the act continues, the inter-relationships between humans, light and technology climax into showcasing a vision for a better future. the playful art installation concludes with visitors each receiving a ball of light of their own, signifying how light can affect human emotions.

milan design week 2019: LEXUS leads with light to a better tomorrow



continuing this theme of light, LEXUS further reflects their vision of how technology will illuminate the way towards a brighter tomorrow. their latest lighting designs – serving as another source of inspiration for rhizomatiks – will be showcased at their exhibition.

milan design week 2019: LEXUS leads with light to a better tomorrow



last but not least, LEXUS will also showcase the results of their 2019 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD. the exhibition features the innovative prototypes of six finalists in their response to ‘design for a better tomorrow’. the projects range from new material explorations to sustainable energy systems, yet all aim to create a better future somehow. narrowed down from nearly 1,600 global entries, the six finalists will be evaluated down to one grand prix winner on april 8th, 2019, by a jury including architect sir david adjaye, curator paola antonelli, technologist john maeda, and president of LEXUS international yoshihiro sawa.

milan design week 2019: LEXUS leads with light to a better tomorrow



more information on the 2019 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD and the finalists’ projects can be found here (link will be embedded to the article from march 28th).



exhibition info:



brand: LEXUS

collaborators: rhizomatiks

location: superstudio più, via tortona 27, 20144, milano