3+ creativity workshop and 3+ space cafe by oskar zieta at IMM cologne
all images courtesy oskar zieta




realized during IMM cologne 2014, the ‘3+ creativity workshop’ and ‘3+ space cafe’ by oskar zieta demonstrates the polish designer’s trademark technology in a series of interactive installations. simultaneously arranged around a furnished coffee shop, the intervention houses a variety of zieta’s most famous furniture collections. the series chairs and tables are constructed utilizing the trademark ‘FIDU’ inner-pressure expanding metal forming process.




‘the same table can either be a functional elegant table at which we drink coffee, eat lunch or sign an important contract, or used as a workshop table where innovative projects and ideas can be performed in real time with a Zmorph 3D printer,’ oskar zieta tells designboom. ‘a key element in our collection are plates covere with a grid of points, you can create many different objects thanks to appropriate connectors, so you can turn your shelf in a cabinet on wheels or change table top into wall exhibition panels. the construction of new facilities with our technology is like building with meccano or LEGO blocks, tailored to the lifestyle of modern nomads,’ he adds.

 3+ creativity workshop and 3+ cafe by zieta at imm cologne 2014



the method uses two shapes cut from steel sheets, which are then welded around their edges and inflated into a three-dimensional object. the deformation of metal sheets caused by the pressure amplifies the structural integrity of the expanded volume. as the innovative process is capable of creating highly complex and intricate forms, products can be created from the ‘bottom up’, additively, eliminating off-cuts during manufacturing.

 3+ creativity workshop and 3+ cafe by zieta at imm cologne 2014

3+ furniture series on display at the 3+ creativity workshop during IMM cologne 2014

 3+ creativity workshop and 3+ cafe by zieta at imm cologne 2014

3D prints created during the workshop