3+ technology by zieta prozessdesign at ICFF new york 2014
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oskar zieta of zieta prozessdesign studio is known for his continued research into establishing innovative methods of stabilizing thin metal sheets to be utilized in the construction of architecture and design elements. with his FIDU technology, the polish creative offers a broad range of solutions which he has now further developed into what he calls ‘3+ technology’.


3+ technology zieta prozessdesign designboom
every stabilizing perforation can be used as a starting point for creating a new construction




instead of using prefabricated sandwich plates, the zieta prozessdesign team fabricates their own shapes based on two thin customized metal sheets. as a result of  computer controlling manufacturing and CNC machines, each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece that can be customized according to individual needs; with the ‘3+ technology’ allows for the creation of raster points on boards of any shape. the process allows one to produce objects with different dot rasters, dimensions, colours from different materials, like steel or stainless steel.

3+ technology zieta prozessdesign designboom
metal sheets with stabilization grid




two sheets of metal covered with a grid of stabilization points are joined to create a steady, ultra-light construction element. these multi-layered sandwich boards are used to form a versatile and modular furniture series. presented at new york’s ICFF 2014, the ‘3+’ collection offers chairs, tables, shelving system that can be used for any situation: office, kitchen, workshop, restaurant or shop, indoor, outdoor, … it is the user that determines its function.

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3+ allows you to arrange any space as easily as putting lego blocks together. thanks to a simple network of connectors and various components, the user is able to give each product a renewed context and function. each perforation is a starting point to satisfy personal needs, accommodating products to new situations and tasks. you can view the continuously growing selection of objects here




flexible office furniture system


detail showing the simple system of connectors and versatile elements


video courtesy zieta prozessdesign


office spaces


outdoor façade panels


garage workshop



display system at the ICFF fair in new york
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designs produced using the FIDU technology


oskar zieta
portrait @ designboom




during ICFF, designboom teamed up with oskar zieta as part of the talks program, in which the polish designer discussed his work to an audience that was comfortably seated on his ‘plopp’ stools.


ICFF talk – designboom introduces oskar zieta