a new mega-size LED screen has popped in tokyo’s shinjuku area. installed at the east exit of the shinkuku metro station, the new screen projects a 4K quality LED image for 18 hours a day spanning over three floors. thanks to its anamorphic illusion which reveals a 3D effect from a specific vantage point, the screen has gone viral because of a short video of a giant 3D calico cat.

a giant 3D cat has appeared on a massive billboard in tokyo's shinjuku area



dubbed cross shinjuku vision, the project took into consideration the shape of the screen and the viewing angle for the 3D image to be effective. ‘from the beginning of the design of cross shinjuku vision, we have been conscious of the installation position and shape suitable for viewing from the east exit square of shinjuku station, and it is possible to promote and market using high-impact 3D images,’ comments the official release.




to inaugurate the project, cross shinjuku vision has created a video of a giant calico cat that wakes up in the morning, being the first image that is showcased and falls asleep as of night with the end of the broadcast. throughout the day, it does appearances in between regular broadcasts, surprising passersby. the company also states that the ‘3D giant calico cat created with the quality of a blockbuster movie will bring surprise, laughter, and healing to nearby users.’ the video above showcases the screen LIVE from tokyo — were you able to catch the cat?


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