french design studio 5.5 designers is presenting ‘cuisine d’objets’ at galleria luisa della piane, during milan design week 2010.

‘cuisine d’objets’ is a DIY design ‘recipe’. the ingredients for this lighting concept are house-hold items such as a coffee pot, vase, tupperware containers as the base, cement, a branch / long, sturdy stick and a clip-on spotlight.

all one needs to do is mix cement, pour it into a selected vessel from their kitchen they no longer need, and set the stick within. once it is solidified, attach the clip-on lamp and your ‘cuisine d’objet’ is complete.

5.5 designers: cuisine d'objets an example of a ‘cuisine d’objet’

5.5 designers: cuisine d'objets ‘cuisine ‘d’objets’ instructions 5.5 designers: cuisine d'objets