french studio 5.5 designers have developed ‘fire kit’ and ‘match’ for skitsch, based around the element of fire.

‘fire kit’ materials : blown glass, rubber wood dowels, lamp holder, wire, screwed muff, flat spring, bolt, felt. colors : orange, rubber wood. dimensions : L2,8 W2,8 H22,5 cm

‘fire kit’ is an industrial, self assembly version of the ancestral campfire that you can put together to create an eternal light source.

5.5 designers: fire kit ‘match’ materials : chromium-plated metal colours : silver dimensions : L7,5 W5,3 H7,5 cm

‘match’ is the result of a fusion between a box of matches and a candlestick. this combination allows one to always have light next to the candlestick.

their new collection will be presented during milan design week 2010.