A+A cooren: tourbillon vortex vase
‘tourbillon’ (vortex) vase
all photos © joao vieira torres

french design studio A+A cooren has created ‘tourbillon’ (vortex) vase, which evokes the
water cycle, a snapshot of subtle natural harmony. the dynamic of the water is accentuated
by the rigidity of a glass bubble that surrounds it. the inner vessel is twisted and shaped like
a vortex spiraling down into the bottom of the vase. it is composed of two parts –
the main vessel and a small cup which receives water. both parts are made in boroscilicate glass.
the vases are available in three different sizes and come in a limited edition of 21 pieces.

‘tourbillon’ (vortex) will be on show at the gallery s. bensimon from june 9th – 14th, as part of
designer’s days in paris.

A+A cooren: tourbillon vortex vase
the vase’s central form appears like a vortex funneling down into the bottom of the vessel

A+A cooren: tourbillon vortex vase
‘air sundae’ vase

A+A cooren has also designed ‘air sundae’ vase that consists of a bubble of glass in which
flower stems are suspended, also composed of two parts, one vessel receives stems while
the other receives water. this arrangement simplifies the daily change of water