illuminated image of the A’ design award 3D printed trophy

each year, the A’ design award & competition seeks to showcase the best of design worldwide, across the range of services, products, and concepts. prizes are awarded in forty categories during a gala night and exhibition at italy’s mood museum of design, bringing together designers, companies, and media professionals to collaborate on the advancement of quality design proposals. you can see some of designboom’s picks of past winners here.

the A’ design award and competition is still accepting applications through february 29th for the 2012 award! participation is open to individuals of all ages and companies worldwide, to students, professionals, and dilettantes; and for both previously published or awarded works as well as new designs. completed projects, renders, sketches, and any range of illustrative material is accepted.

the competition awards design in the fields of furniture, toy, jewelry, electronic device, interface, architecture, interior, material and texture, food, movie, graphics, advertising, 3D modeling, ‘event and happening’, meta design, IT, heavy machinery, arts and crafts, idea design, and many more.

view all competition categories and their submission timetable here read more about the eligibility criteria and application process here

A' design award call for entries 2012 last year’s winning designers gather together at the 2011 gala night

the sponsoring organization offers an unusual system that lets designers and companies bid and sell on design ideas via an online portfolio portal that is open to all participants. A’ design award also assists in the filing of intellectual rights protections on winning designs, and negotiates media coverage. each year, three hardcover ‘resultbooks’, alongside a best-of ‘yearbook’, feature the best submissions of that competition period.

for each category, A’ design award and competition creates a newsletter for interested designers, editors, curators, journalists, and other professionals. the organization also develops a ‘trendletter’, identifying the latest trends in design in this content category.

in all, each winner receives an estimated 50,000 euro worth of media exposure through A’ design award’s efforts.

A' design award call for entries 2012 A’ design award

hand-selected each year, the jury is composed of a range of academics and professionals from italy and abroad. this year, architect yu-ngok lo of american firm TSKC architects joins mercedes-benz italy’s lead designer simone achille tironi, alongside photographers, designers, and university chairs in evaluating the entrants. oftentimes the jury team leaves feedback notes for the participant on his design, accessible via his unique web portal, reflecting the competition’s ideal of supporting good design and helping talent develop and realize their ideas.

see this year’s 23-person jury panel here, or learn more about the judging criteria

last year, over 2,500 submissions competed for 72 winning slots. the award trophies themselves are 3D printed of metal, in reference to the forward-thinking goals of the competition.

designboom invites all designers, artists, architects, and creatives to nominate their best designs for the A’ design award.