‘foscat-32’ folding solar catamaran by hakan gürsu

the A’ design award aims to highlight the best design oriented products and concepts from around the globe. the annual juried competition is divided into 80 categories covering a range of themes and relevant topics such as packaging, chemical products and consumables, transportation, cookware, toys, banking and finance instruments. here is a look at some of our picks from this year’s winners:

‘foscat-32’ is a hybrid system which is meant to bring improvement to the area of marine technology. harnessing both sun and wind powers, the folding solar catamaran has the potential to reduce CO2 to almost zero while on the water.  this alternative concept cat sail-vessel consumes no fuel, offering high energy efficiency while raising awareness of the sustainable use of resources on the sea.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘phaeton’ electric vehicle by hakan gürsu

‘phaeton’ is an electric vehicle designed to respond to the need for intercity low speed cars in areas such as historical or tourist areas and university campuses.developed by hakan gürsu, the compact unit weighs under 250 kilograms and offers a speed of 40 km/h speed. its collapsible hood and transparent roof provides the tourist riders with panoramic views.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘biomega NYC’ bicycle by jens martin skibsted

‘biomega NYC’ bicycle has integrated head cover, brakes, gears and cables. designed by jens martin skibsted, the chainless two-wheeler features a lightweight aluminium frame and MTB front mudguard, and is intended for use in the city and other urban areas.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘meerkat’ seat concept (aircraft passenger seat) by james lee

designed for enhancing passenger experience on long-haul aircraft flights, james lee’s ‘meerkat’ seat concept features a dual-user armrest and a backrest which assists ‘stretching out’. special amenities include a table stand and headphone hook, along with a shared literature rack.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘flavoured flints’ food tools by léa andré

‘flavoured flints’ are different food tools made from conglomerates of salt and sugar combined with dried extracts of flavour-enhancing fruits, obtained by cryogrinding. spices, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits area included in the ingredients flint prompting consumers to season their meals in ancestral techniques, rubbing two volumes together to combine flavors.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘sunflower’ solar-powered lunchbox by edita barabas

the ‘sunflower’ solar-powered lunchbox by edita barabas integrates rotating, collapsible food trays and photovoltaic cells to keep foods hot or cold as needed. spherical solar panels capture energy for storage in an internal battery, which can then be used to heat or cool individual compartments. each dish has its own display through which the desired temperature can be controlled.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘didi’ table lamp by ronen bavly

a handmade lamp employing an LED energy saving bulb, the ‘didi lamp’ by ronen bavly features a lampshade, though made from metal, is a direct heat reducer of the lighting element itself, allowing users the possibility to touch and adjust the lamp.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘artificial topography’ art installation by ryumei fujiki

‘artificial topography’ by ryumei fujiki, is a manmade ‘cave’ constructed from 1000 sheets of 10-mm thick soft plastic. the layered material is cut down into contour line forms laminated like a stratum. in the construction of the amorphous, habitable installation, fujiki took into consideration the incorporation of furniture whereby portions of soft curves along the interior walls suggest areas for sitting and nestling.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘zip tie massimal’ architectural design research installation by design office takbayashi scroggin (D.O.T.S.)

a large-scale sculptural installations which explore the relationship between social engagement and the built-form. ‘zip tie massimal’ by D.O.T.S. is a glowing mass made from over 20,000 zip ties which result in the shape of a bear. see more about this project on designboom here.

A' design award winners 2012 ‘vertical + horizontal farm tower’ (farm and crop distribution tower by kevin chu

‘vertical + horizontal farm tower’ by kevin chu is an urban farming community which provides a platform in which individuals are educated about agricultural renewable energy, and can engage in the act of planting and growing their own produce within the context of the city.