A’ design award exhibition of 2012 winners

the A’ design award & competition is the result of an analysis of 800 prior design competitions, in combination with a survey of 2000 designers regarding what they want to achieve through awards. it aims to highlight the qualifications of the best concepts and design oriented products and services on an international scale. seeking to improve returns to creatives in means of publicity, recognition, matchmaking and other services, the A’ design award committee has developed an extensive methodology and design award theory, to provide participating designers and companies with the most benefits and a considerable PR campaign.

the A’ design award & competition call for submissions is currently on until september 30th, 2012. it is open to local and international companies and individuals, students and professionals. any individual, group or business qualifies along with projects which have been previously awarded or published. read more on entry instructions and how to register here.

other than the initial application, there are no further fees to participants for promotional activities in the form of press releases or exhibition services. with their submission, each entrant receives press release distribution, newsletter announcements, yearbook publication, a gala-night invitation, notes of feedback from the jury, proof of creation document, marketing and consultancy. there is also no licensing for the use of the competition logo and the value added tax (VAT) is already included in the cost. read more about the competition fees here.

A' design awards: call for submissions posters and prototypes of the selected winning projects will be showcased in an exhibition  

a 30 person jury composed of academics, professionals (see participating jurors here) will select winners from a wide range of categories including: furniture, decorative items and homeware design, packaging, toy, games and hobby products, digital and electronic devices, chemical products and consumables, movie and animation, yacht and marine vessels, urban planning, heavy machinery and street furniture among many others. you may read more about the judging criteria here.

the winning projects will be announced on april 15, 2013 and showcased in an exhibition followed by a gala-night to acknowledge the victorious individuals and teams.

  A' design awards: call for submissions A’ design awards gala night 2012

A' design awards: call for submissions

A' design awards: call for submissions a year book compiles all of the annual winning projects into a single publication