LELO, the two-time red dot design award-winning swedish designer brand and the world’s leading provider of intimate lifestyle products, is set to present an award for concepts that reveal new possibilities for pleasure across a variety of fields.as a company with a portfolio of premium personal massagers, LELO is challenging next-generation innovators, designers and artists all around the world to come up with products and experiences that offer alternative kinds of sensory experiences.applicants interested in participating in the 2013 LELO design award are asked to visit www.lelo.com/award to pre-register, before submitting their work by august 1st. 



a journey of sensual explorationvideo courtesy of LELO official





spread pleasure through designthe overwhelming majority of existing products rely on just two senses: sight and touch. however, LELO believes it’s time to extend the possibilities of design by activating the senses of smell, taste and sound, with the goal of proving that true pleasure is multi-sensory.


applicants are encouraged to discover the vibrancy of pleasure through design, exploring all materials, possibilities of technology and what it really means to feel good. while LELO’s expertise is sensual pleasure, the company is in search of what other possibilities remain unexplored.in essence, the LELO design award provides a chance for designers to give a personal interpretation of pleasure that pushes sensory boundaries.




a journey of sensual exploration   LELO design award 2013




the LELO design award features two award categories:

1. fashion & accessoriesin what way can the clothes and accessories we wear become tools for pleasure and entertainment? what playful and unexpected functions could they hold? make fashion fun and explore new possibilities for pleasure!

2. products & spacesmicro-technologies, augmented reality and responsive and smart materials are already changing the ways we interact with objects and spaces. generate a unique idea and think about how interaction can deliver new forms of pleasure.



judgesmiroslav slavic – lelo ceosila songkran – lelo art directormatteo cibic – creative directorlanzavecchia + wai – conceptual designerserika lust – erotic film director


two 1000€ prizes will be rewarded—one for each category. the winners will also be connected to the most prestigious global design publications, highlighting designers’ profiles and concepts in addition to being featured on the lelo.com homepage.furthermore, the judges’ favorite five design concepts will be showcased in october during london design week.


visit www.lelo.com/award for more details.



a journey of sensual exploration   LELO design award 2013



a journey of sensual exploration   LELO design award 2013