abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
‘abct’ by knindustrie
images courtesy of knindustrie

italian manufacturer knindustrie presents two new cookware collections, ‘abct’ and ‘inonnidabile’,
on the occasion of MACEF 2011.

the function and purpose of the container changes depending on its depth and diameter.
loose, tong-like handles securely fasten to the edges of the object transforming the bowl-like
vessel into either a pot, pan or saucepan. these same products act as bowls and platters for
presenting and serving the food. a wooden trivet that dually functions as a lid elevates the warm
dish from the table to eliminate damage.

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
various components of the collection

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
wooden cylinders act as both lids and trivets

a white enamel surface coats the exterior of the aluminum body, seamlessly blending with the
white ceramic on the interior of the vessel. the smooth, non-porous material uses a nano technology
for improved non-stick characteristics that strive to promote a healthier diet by reducing the
amount of added fat required in cooking.

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
a range of depths and diameters are available

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
detail of the clamp

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
the vessels being used as pots and pans

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
‘inossidabile’ by by rodolfo dordoni for knindustrie

‘inonnidabile’, which literally translates to stainless, is a collection composed of entirely stainless
steel pieces with the exception of a bamboo steaming drum.

wide, linear handles wrap around the vessel, providing a generous surface for handling and moving
the heavy duty collection around. employing elements of the same tong system, the professional
series includes accessories such as steamers and drainers that work in a variety of configurations. 

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
various components including a bamboo steamer

abct + inossidabile by knindustrie
a combination of accessories allow the user to fully customize and adapt their cooking experience to their needs