‘pretzel bench’ by abie abdillah

seen at the IFFS/AFS singapore furniture fair 2011: the ‘pretzel bench’ by indonesian designer abie abdillah is a modular bench that utilizes long, bent poles of rattan for its frame. strong and solid, the material is also very elastic, ideal for comfortable seating. the shape of a ‘pretzel’ (a bavarian salty bread) was borrowed for the structural form.

rattan, a highly sustainable material with over 600 different species in existence, is native to south east asia. a rattan palm can quickly grow up to more than 100 meters in height. indonesia provides roughly 70% of the world’s rattan supply. although aesthetically similar to bamboo, rattan is much more solid and flexible.

abie abdillah: pretzel bench ‘pretzel bench’

abie abdillah: pretzel bench side view

abie abdillah: pretzel bench close-up

abie abdillah: pretzel bench detail

the pretzel is very lightweight and can therefore easily be moved.

abie abdillah: pretzel bench abie abdillah at the IFFS/AFS fair 2011

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