‘doeloe lounge chair’ by abie abdillah, 2010 rattan frames with upholstered seating and backrest 1100 x 1000 x 800 mm

indonesian furniture designer abie abdillah has just sent us his latest works, the ‘doeloe lounge chair’ and ‘pretzel bench’. for both furniture pieces, the young craftsman utilized rattan, a highly sustainable material with over 600 different species in existence. native to south east asia, a rattan palm can quickly grow up to more than 100 meters in height. indonesia provides roughly 70% of the world’s rattan supply. although aesthetically similar to bamboo, rattan is much more solid and bendy.

abie abdillah: rattan chairs (left) front view (right) back view

the design of ‘oplet’ from the 30s to the late 70s, a small car used in jakarta for public transportation, was the starting point and form reference of ‘doeloe lounge chair’. the designer used curved rattan poles as a frame and backrest for the upholstered seating unit. viewed from the front, the arm rests resemble the circular headlights of the traditional vehicle.

abie abdillah: rattan chairs side elevation

abie abdillah: rattan chairs ‘pretzel bench’, 2010 bent rattan poles 970 x 650 x 470 mm

‘pretzel bench’ is a modular bench that utilizes long, bent poles of rattan for its frame. strong and solid, the material is also very elastic, ideal for comfortable seating. the shape of a ‘pretzel’ – a bavarian salty bread – was borrowed for the structural form.

abie abdillah: rattan chairs (left) side view (right) front view

abie abdillah: rattan chairs