sitting just around the corner of place de la république in paris, the 170 sq.m. loft designed by french firm festen architecture and completed by italian company abimis offers a fresh new york appeal. from its extended steel-structured ceilings to the typical 20th century iron-fixed windows, the interiors create a contemporary industrio-archeological spirit that has characterized the beloved french capital. 

the kitchen is laid out in different steel blocks that offer a professional twist to the design
all images courtesy of abimis



focusing on the idea of a duality, abimis and festen have joined contrasting and distinct styles into one harmonious setting. reflecting this approach is the open floor kitchen by abimis which integrates the communal functionality of catering with a more private layout thanks to the configuration of the working stations. wanting to evenly blend both design approaches, steel has been used to gently cover up the blocks — creating a  sculptural uniformity. thanks to the ego model by abimis, festen architecture has highlighted that duality with clean-cut, minimalist and refined structures — such as the bevelled flush doors that smoothly get incorporated into the loft.

white and metallic hues highlight the concept of duality present across the loft



the kitchen is characterized by a large island equipped with an induction hob and oven — which opens up unto the living room without a sense of discontinuity. completing the layout are the kitchen sink block underneath a window overlooking the 10th arrondissement and the larder station against the wall — offering a professional spirit alongside striking metal textures. 

festen architecture has designed the loft to also follow the idea of duality — in terms of function, colors and spirit

the kitchen island overlooks the living area without a sense of discontinuity

kitchen island and sink block against the large window which filters in natural daylight

the overall design functions as a communal catering space that still offers privacy thanks to the steel blocks layout