founded in 1999, designboom is the world’s first online design and architecture magazine, publishing the latest news and key issues in all aspects of design, architecture and art. our mission over the past 13 years has remained the same: unearth the best of the art, design, and architecture worlds and curate a selection of the most interesting work… before you can find it anywhere else.

a team of professional designers and architects ourselves, we work on a daily basis with designers and architects from around the world, seeking out the most innovative projects with an equal emphasis on the most renowned, influential studios and emerging, undiscovered talent. today our archive is the most comprehensive on the web, with over 26,000 articles’ worth of interviews, studio visits, exclusive previews, historical surveys, and exhibition reviews.

every year designboom undertakes a few innovative exhibition projects and co-organizes a selection of international design competitions with leading international companies. an annual series of ‘designboom marts‘ brings together young designers from around the world to exhibit at some of the world’s top design fairs.

TIME magazine chose designboom as one of the top 100 design influencers in the world, one of just eight online publications to be so named. in 2011, the french magazine architectural digest called designboom one of the top ‘les 100 qui comptent’ (‘people who count’) in the design world; and INTERNI magazine lists us among the top five international online magazines (download the full INTERNI article here).

the designboom team

designboom’s writers are not journalists. our team consists of experienced architects and designers from around the world, who have come together to be part of this collaborative project.

birgit lohmann (b. hamburg, germany) and massimo mini (b. siena, italy) are the founders of designboom. for over 20 years, they practices as designers and product development managers for architects and master designers, including renzo piano, andrea branzi, bruno munari, and achille castiglioni; as well as as design historians for justice departments and international auction houses. as researchers and lecturers, they have conducted seminars on industrial design at a number of prestigious international universities. for over 10 years, birgit worked as personal design assistant of vico magistretti, before she and massimo developed the idea of an online cultural magazine while living in bali, indonesia.

luca trazzi (b. verona, italy) became an associate in 2000. the closest collaborator of italian master architect aldo rossi for over 15 years, luca is best known for his own work as the designer behind illy espresso machines used in cafés around the world.

anita hackethal (b. leipzig, germany) joined designboom in 2005. she manages designboom’s many off-site events from exhibitions to conferences. she has a background in communication design and photography.

andrew butler (b. manchester, UK) also arrived at designboom in 2005. he is in charge of graphic design and our online education program design-aerobics.

andrea chin (b. toronto, canada) came to designboom in 2008. she directs the daily editorial content of designboom. andrea is a graduate of fine arts and industrial design.

feifei song (b. in beijing, china) has since 2010 translated designboom’s articles into the chinese language. she also directly reports from the art, architecture and design scene in china.

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