budapest-based designer adam miklosi has introduced a collection of open-source 3D-printed accessories, aiming to upgrade pre-existing IKEA products. dubbed ‘uppgradera’, the series modifies the original designs to improve their efficiency, or even propose a new, unorthodox use. 

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 1

the ‘uppgradera’ collection consists of open-source 3D-printed accessories, designed for pre-existing IKEA products
all images courtesy of adam miklosi



the collection consists of 6 3D-printed accessories: the NÄ01, KL01, ST01, EN01, EK01, and the CH01, with each one providing a solution to a pre-existing IKEA design. adam miklosi has made his designs public so that users all over the world can have them manufactured locally. his aim was to create products that solve real problems and that, with a little bit of ‘uppgradera’, can make the user experience more pleasant and efficient.

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 2



IKEA’s NÄVLINGE lighting fixture is fitted with a high-power LED, but it does not come with a lampshade. ‘if used as a desk lamp, it keeps shining right into the user’s eyes’ the designer says. with the NÄ01 simple clip-on accessory, the product now features an efficient lampshade and it can be comfortably used for work, reading, or even as mood lighting.

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 4
the NÄ01 clip-on lampshade



moving on to another IKEA product, the KLIPSK bed tray lets users enjoy brunch in bed. however, its material is extremely slippery, making glasses slip and fall rather easily. miklosi’s KL01 accessory can be fitted onto the bed tray, positioned alongside the groove on its back, generating a stable base for glasses and mugs.

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 7
the KL01 accessory fitted on the KLIPSK bed tray



at the bottom of IKEA’s EKOLN toothbrush holder, water trickles down from toothbrushes and accumulates, while leftover toothpaste becomes the hotbed of bacteria. the designer introduces the EK01 drying grid that can be placed in the original product to keep the toothbrushes away from the bottom of the cup, while enabling constant ventilation and the evaporation of water.

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 3
open-source 3D printed accessory prototypes

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 5
the NÄ01 clip-on lampshade

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 6
the KL01 bed tray accessory

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 8
the ST01is a pair of shoulder pads that attach to the STAJLIG hanger, keeping clothes from slipping down and getting creased

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 9
the attachable ST01 pads

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 10
the EK01 drying grid is placed at the base of the EKOLN toothbrush holder

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 11
the EK01 drying grid

uppgradera upgraded ikea experiences 12
the EN01 grid is placed on the ENUDDEN soap dish to keep the soap bar dry



project info:


name: uppgradera
designer: adam miklosi


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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom