three stripes everywhere – an overview of the 2015/2016 adidas football kits
all images courtesy of adidas






for the 2015 to 2016 football season, adidas will be dressing many popular teams from all across europe. some teams are new to the german apparel family, and others have become staples. each kit will feature adidas’s ‘adizero’ technology ultralight fabric which enhances breathability while allowing freedom of movement and comfort without compromising elasticity and durability. they look forward to seeing the designs within the stadiums and on the streets, creating a new classic football kit culture. all the apparel is available for purchase through worldwide adidas channels.

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-02midfielder bastian schweinsteiger 




manchester united 

with 659 million fans globally, manchester united is one of the world’s most supported football clubs. influenced by the kits from the 1980s, adidas has reengineered the designs with a modern twist, taking familiar style features that were loved by fans and combined them with the latest performance technologies. just don’t bring up how much the sponsorship cost adidas ($1.3 billion (US) over ten years.)

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-03inspired by classic three-stripe united kits from the 1980s


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-04the classic v-neck collar





the chelsea shirts stay loyal to tradition with white and red trims at the collar, sleeves shorts and socks that ties back to the club’s kit history. the very blue home kit, and white away kit will hopefully spur the 2014-2015 english premier league winners to another trophy.

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-05the chelsea home jersey for 2015


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-06the white away jersey 


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-07brazilian midfielder oscar 


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-08with white and red trims at the collar, sleeves, shorts and socks





the torino team will wear adidas for the first time this year and will do so until 2021. the partnership has spun a new jersey that features the black and white striped designed recalling the classic juventus style. the away kit sports a pink and black theme that dates back from the original roots of the club foundation in 1897. turns out, the champions league runners up wore pink jerseys until 1903. the adidas designers have thus reinterpreted tradition by combing the pale pink color of the historic club jersey with brighter pink applications on the sleeves and on the front in between the white stripes to create a mix of authenticity and modernity. 

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-09the juventus home kit


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-10black and white striped design recalling the classic team style


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-11pale pink away jersey


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-12‘adizero’ fabric 




real madrid

adidas and real madrid presented the 2015-2016 kits with a clear statement of intent: ‘only perfect counts.’ this idea is embodied in the color combinations of the new home and away kits that are also striving for perfection on the field. the essential white is combined with silver grey in the three stripes of the shirt. inside the neck, players find the club crest with the spanish inscription ‘hala madrid y nada mas’, which translates as ‘come on madrid and nothing else’ from the club anthem. in terms of design, a round neck and folded sleeve effect with a different material add an extra touch of class to the shirt. the main story of the shirt will be if the team wearing it will get past a strong barcelona and win the la liga for 2015-2016 season. 

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-13real madrid silver away  kit


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-14the white home kit


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-15‘come on madrid and nothing else’ from the club anthem


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-16the club initials 




ac milan

the new adidas jerseys pay tribute to the ‘rossoneri’ colors and traditions as there’s a comeback to the standard traditional stripes without neglecting, innovation and design. this years jersey will incorporate a tricolor tag that makes reference to the colors of the milan universal exhibition, expo2015. the three stripes are grey in order to give greater uniformity to the rest of the jersey, alongside a black collar with embroidery written in milan type, the official font of the club. 

adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-17the twenty-second rossoneri jersey


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-18classic black and red home jersey


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-19‘tricolore’ and a reference to the colors of expo2015


adidas-20152016-football-kits-designboom-20ac milan emblem