AECOM crafts surfboard from 10 million linear feet of carbon fiber
all images courtesy of AECOM




‘hang 10 million’, AECOM’s custom design, reconceives the classic surfboard form through a unique process of material application. the sculpture is the result of wrapping a board in its common shape with strands of carbon fiber using a custom-fabricated filament winding machine. the team was interested in investigating and developing a new working method and process of creation that could result in a skeletal surf-inspired figural object. the title derives from the linear feet of material used to three-dimensionally draw the volume of the work, which was manufactured in a shared artist space in downtown los angeles. the result presents a constantly changing visual appearance in relation to light and orientation. throughout the day, it may shift from a flat, two-dimension drawing to a thick massing that casts shadows onto any nearby surface. the project makes its official debut at the 2014 celebrate gala runway show in the city’s A+D architecture and design museum.


video courtesy of AECOM / aidan flaherty

aecom hang 10 million carbon fiber surfboard
the project was custom-fabricated using a filament winding machine

aecom hang 10 million carbon fiber surfboard
the strands cast a shadow on the ground

aecom hang 10 million carbon fiber surfboard
the sculpture takes its name from the amount of material used for its form

aecom hang 10 million carbon fiber surfboard
the pieces provide different views of the board at every angle

aecom hang 10 million carbon fiber surfboard
the surfboard



project info:


name: hang 10 million
architect: AECOM
design team: alfred chung, john dillon, aidan flaherty, travis frankel, ella hazard, daniel lee, david milner, vincent moccia, peter zellner
year: 2014
location: A+D architecture and design museum, los angeles



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