aether creates world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made from air

aether creates world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made from air

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a sustainable alternative for diamond lovers


luxury jewelry company aether is the world’s first that creates carbon-negative diamonds. unlike other lab-grown diamonds that are made from petroleum-based raw materials, aether’s diamonds are made out of air. pushing the boundaries of design, technology, and craftsmanship, the design team focuses on developing a sustainable future for fine jewelry. via their protected technology, aether converts harmful air pollution into delicate gems, giving consumers a sustainable alternative for diamond jewelry.


some days ago, aether raised $18 million in a funding round led by helena — a los angeles- and new york-based conscious investment organization. aether started shipping the first diamonds to clients last year with a really big amount of sales. but this year their vision is to increase the production even more, something that will thrive with the helena’s ‘fuel’. (see more here)

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the most sustainable fine jewelry brand in the world


the synthetic diamond startup redefines the future of fine jewelry and makes gemstone-quality diamonds out of air. the company promises radical transparency breaking down stereotypes relating to common diamond industries. combining sustainability with fine aesthetics, they offer diamond lovers stunning pieces that respect both humans and our precious planet. according to the company, each piece of their collection has never supported any form of child labor, unfair or unhealthy working conditions.


‘amid global climate change and all of the other challenges 2020 has brought with it, we believe there is currently great opportunity for high-minded doers to step in and help shape the future. now more than ever, forces for true and lasting change are coalescing to transform our world into one where massive positive advancements for humanity and the planet are truly possible.’ says ryan shearman, CEO of aether. ‘aether is proud to be a part of that change for good as the creator of the world’s first gem quality diamonds from air. we’re committed to the unprecedented modern alchemy of turning air pollution into precious stones, and committed to serving as a beacon for integrity and transparency in the diamond industry, where so many others have fallen short on that promise to consumers’.aether creates world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made from air



less carbon more diamond


each piece of the collection is designed and crafted by hand. the diamond production process passes through four steps. first, CO2 is captured from the air. through their innovative technology, direct air is captured and used to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. then follows the ‘hydrocarbon synthesis’. which means that captured CO2 is synthesized into the hydrocarbon feedstock required for growing diamonds in a chemical vapor deposition reactor. the next step is ‘diamond growth’. the hydrocarbon raw material is fed into specialized chemical vapor deposition reactors that are powered by 100% clean energy. and finally, once the diamond crystals are fully developed, expertized craftspeople cut, polish, and add the final touches, setting them into the pieces.


through this process, 127 gallons (typically used per mined carat) of fresh water are saved. along with the water-saving, aether’s diamonds don’t waste so much energy, as they require only half the energy consumption of mined diamonds. unlike the common diamond industries that source their carbon from fossil fuels, aether keeps it all above-ground. moreover, this diamond production technique keeps the air cleaner, as it removes carbon dioxide from the air. on the other hand, mined diamonds create 143 lbs of emissions per carat. last but not least, it’s estimated that at least 60% of mined diamonds sold in the U.S. have problematic ties to military governments and corruption. instead, aether is 100% conflict-free focusing on well-being and sustainability. 

aether creates world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made from air



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