reverse three-wheel concept


Afreda S6 takes its design cues from a reversed three-wheel motorcycle. The brand believes it is perfect for any rider – regardless of age – and in any given situation, whether for commuting, family gatherings, or adventure trips. What makes the electric bike fold up in a second is the suspension structure that is combined with the Articulated Quadrilateral Suspension Structure and two front wheels. The soft bend of the rods in the bike design can sustain a 40-degree side deviation without falling, a feature of safety and stability even when drifting at high speed or in small turning radius situations.


‘The 2 front wheels have a maximum vertical swing of more than 11 inches, so it has superior shock absorption and easily crosses obstacles. Therefore, Afreda S6 is adaptable to any road conditions with a more stable body posture, greater grip, and shorter braking distances than any other 2-wheel E-bikes,’ the brand shares.

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
images by Afreda



How can it be folded up in a second?


By lifting the seat cushion lightly, the anodized 6061 aluminum alloy frame of Afreda S6 can be folded up easily. It has a special tail wheel to keep it upright while folding. ‘It can be placed pulled like a suitcase without taking up too much space. The size in the folding state is suitable for the trunk of the sedan. You can take it in the elevator, by subway, or anywhere,’ the brand shares.


Afreda S6 also has an exclusive, patented technology called the Balanced Hydraulic Disc Brake, which can apply balanced and equal force to the disc while braking. Instead of just having a single-side force when using the brakes, the electric bike’s technology applies a two-side force to prevent accidents when turning a corner or abruptly clinching on the brake bars. This patented technology ensures supreme safety while riding and works great both on-road and off-road.

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second



Features and backstory


Afreda S6 has a 48V lithium-ion battery that can easily be removed from the frame, and the brand also offers the option to have two batteries, both of which can be charged separately to reduce battery damage. The LCD display by the handlebar shows the power, speed, mileage, and riding mode control to the rider. 


A group of engineers and industrial designers founded Afreda in 2015, driven by their enthusiasm for riding. They sought to answer two questions: what else could they add to the already saturated market of electric bikes, and whether they could create a product that combined the shock absorption performance of an off-road e-bike with their brainchild. With the entrance of Afreda S6, the sixth installment in their series of electric bikes, they seem to have found the answers.

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
the bike folds up in a second

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
lever look

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
unfolding Afreda S6

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
the frame is anodized 6061 aluminum alloy

reverse three-wheeled ‘afreda s6’ folds up in 1 second
Afreda s6 is a portable electric bike



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name: Afreda S6

brand: Afreda

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