‘hello kitty’ 3 liter petrol can




first it was the hello kitty chainsaw, now japanese importer showa boeki is bringing to the market this 3 liter lubricant. valued at 2980 YEN (32 USD), the product is a collaboration between italian automotive and gasoline retailer AGIP and hello kitty and will be available at well known car dealers starting late june 2010.

AGIP: hello kitty petrol image via ameblo

hello kitty was conceived by japanese designer yuko shimizu. it has since then been put in production by japanese company sanrio in various formats, with merchandise ranging from dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies, dishes, gadgets and home appliances. the hello kitty trademark has developed licensing arrangements worth more than billion dollars annually. her popularity worldwide has also led to the opening of two hello kitty theme parks, harmony land and the indoor sanrio purolan.

AGIP: hello kitty petrol flyer with product discription image via ameblo

AGIP: hello kitty petrol ‘hello kitty’ chainsaw

nothing special to say here… except to hello kitty freaks who have already purchased the chainsaw, and need some gas to burn the corpse they tore to pieces with the chainsaw…

via akihabara news