capture and save water with aguawell shower unit




‘aguawell’ is a practical product based on the simple premise that clean water shouldn’t be wasted because it’s not proper temperature. the moments before hopping in the shower, as water runs while heating or cooling, are very wasteful; up to 12 liters can be lost per minute.

aguawell water saving shower unit
catch clean water while waiting for correct temperature
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to prevent this issue, ‘aguawell’ intercepts clean water before it hits the drain. when preparing the shower, place the convenient unit beneath the stream with lid open. then, once correct temperature is reached, close ‘aguawell’ and set aside. fillable with up to six liters — multiple units can be stacked to achieve even more savings — it has a weight of only 6.5kg at capacity. use ‘aguawell’ to water plants, give pets drinking water, flush toilets, or any other need. 

aguawell water saving shower unit
‘aguawell’ water storage and collection

capture otherwise wasted water for any use



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