AH-HA develop a unified visual language for ethical pharmaceutical lab biocol 




graphic design studio AH-HA has developed a visual identity for biocol – a lab which provides natural health care solutions, creating ethical, chemical-free, affordable medicines. their current aim is to develop pharmaceutical products that can be explained using only one hashtag. AH-HA built upon this desire by producing a series of playful images and clear cut messages that reflected the company’s philosophy.

ah ha biocol graphic design designboom
all images © diogo alves




AH-HA created a photographic series that presented a humorous slant on pharmaceutical medicines. cupcakes are decorated with pills, white capsules contain glitter inside and juice bottles feed from medical drips containing natural goodies. the agency also created a number of metaphorical messages in order to represent the beneficial ingredients contained within biocol’s products. the iconic mcdonalds fries for example are replaced with asparagus stalks, and a red velvet ring holder reveals a precious plant inside.

ah ha biocol graphic design designboom
different shapes are punched into the business cards




this visual language was carried through to the overall re-design of the lab. a sharp yet playful typographic sensibility was developed to go alongside the still life images. a simple circle used in the logo, is repeated throughout the company’s branding, including envelops, business cards and boxes using punched holes within all of the documents. the vibrant use of color is reflective of the natural ingredients biocal uses in their products. all of these elements combined form a unified identity that echoes the lab’s spirit and philosophy, which encourages more people to try ethically sourced medicines. 

the iconic mcdonalds fries are replaced with asparagus stalks

ah ha biocol graphic design designboom
a christmas bauble is wrapped in bacon

the company aims to develop pharmaceutical products that can be explained using only one hashtag

biocol is a lab which develops natural health care solutions 

ordinary white capsules are filled with glitter

cupcakes are decorated with pills

a playful photographic series has been used to express the company’s philosophy

a ring holder presents a precious flower

flower pills

juice bottles feed from medical drips containing natural goodies