icy design envisions futuristic robotic steeds


A futuristic twist on the nostalgic narrative of a southern landscape backdropping vengeful cowboys with guns in hand, ‘RoboSteed’ imagines an AI-generated fleet of robotic horses galloping across a desert. Created using Midjourney, Icy Design transports this iconic fictional scene beyond our reality into a far-away planet where a row of mechanical steeds, which the Helsinki-based creator refers to as the Robotic Bronco, stand ready to embark on a journey to conquer the universe alongside their human counterparts. As powerful soldiers, weaponry, and even transportation, the creatures are versatile and can easily transform into a different avatar for each adventure.

exploring new planets with the robotic bronco 4
all images courtesy of Icy Design



the ai-generated fleet transforms from missile to shelter


As part of a fictional narrative, Icy Design images the robotic horses as loyal companions for a group of humans, or ‘space pioneers’, as they explore the planets of the universe and set out to expand their empire. Designed to keep their people safe, the horse robots are a ‘perfect blend of high-tech know-how and old fashioned cowboy charm’. The designer fits the robots with powerful weapons such as missiles and sensors that can easily spot and eliminate threats such as rattlesnake or other venomous varmints, or they can even transform into a fortified wagon for shelter and escape.


The robots can also assemble together to form a whole train that can then be loaded up with goods and chattels and be used to haul cargo across long distances and over rough terrain. Once the job is done, the train can transform back into individual horse robots, or even a tent for emergency shelter.

exploring new planets with the robotic bronco 1
transformed into a train to transport cargo across the planets

exploring new planets with the robotic bronco 5
Icy Design imagines a robotic fleet on a conquest to take over the universe alongside their human counterparts

exploring new planets with the robotic bronco 3
the robots can gather samples and test the foreign plants with their sensors

exploring new planets with the robotic bronco 2
the horses can transform into a tent for emergency shelter at any point



project info:


name: RoboSteed
designer: Icy Design


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