airbnb converts JDS-designed holmenkollen ski jump into a penthouse
continuing its contest-driven excursions for participants across the globe, airbnb has invited two prize winners to stay in one of norway’s most iconic sites: holmenkollen, an arena designed by JDS architects that has hosted ski jumping daredevils for both the world championships and winter olympics. the san francisco-based company has fully furnished the upper-most level as a cozy, yet expansive alpine retreat, with the apartment’s floor to ceiling windows allowing guests one of the best views imaginable of snow capped oslo.

the arena designed by JDS architects has hosted ski jumping daredevils from across the world
all images courtesy of airbnb



features include the world’s first ski museum located on the first floor, 250 steps below the apartment, where guests are invited to ‘discover more than 4,000 years of ski history and learn about the adventures of polar explorers, including roald amundsen’ airbnb describes on the listing page. ‘grab a pair of cross country skis and enjoy 1,500 kilometres of fresh tracks right on your doorstep. feel the need for speed? no problem. you’ll find oslo vinterpark ski resort and norway’s most intense toboggan run, ‘the corkscrew’, just around the corner.’

the upper-most level of the structure has been turned into a luxury penthouse

airbnb-JDS-holmenkollen-ski-jump-penthouse-designboom-02 airbnb-JDS-holmenkollen-ski-jump-penthouse-designboom-04
guests are offered panoramic views of the snow-capped surroundings

angled, floor-to-ceiling windows surround airbnb guests

the apartment has been fully furnished as a cozy, yet expansive alpine retreat

airbnb-JDS-holmenkollen-ski-jump-penthouse-designboom-07 airbnb-JDS-holmenkollen-ski-jump-penthouse-designboom-09
views from the penthouse balcony