developed to meet the needs of families living in parts of the world that do not have access to electricity,  the ‘nomad’ solar lamp provides an alternative to those kerosene lamps often used as a source of light, but which cause accidents. conceived by belgian designer alain gilles for new brand o’sun, the portable rechargeable device is easy to operate, employing a single push button for different settings. when fully charged, it supplies a lighting time of more than 6 hours at full intensity, providing families light after sun down for a range of needs such as for children to do homework, cooking. etc.

alain gilles: nomad solar lamp for o'sun individual components of ‘nomad’



this also enables people to work longer hours, and therefore increase their income. ‘nomad’ has been created to be as flexible and as durable as possible, designed to ensure that it is resistant to shocks and falls. it can be placed directly on the ground without risk since its luminous globe is protected by a silicone disc making it resistant to shocks and falls, within certain limits. this disc also helps prevent it from falling off a table. the simple shape of ‘nomad’, allows one to hang the lamp on a wall using its handle, in order to light a more specific part of a room or to function as overhead lighting. the built-in handle can be used to carry the lamp everywhere.

alain gilles: nomad solar lamp for o'sun color variations



the shell of the lamp is made from ABS plastic, and is powered using 12 LEDS (chosen for their longevity), a 5 watt solar panel, and battery 2x 2699 ma/h li-on. though its primary users are those in developing countries and individuals hit by humanitarian or natural disasters, gilles has envisioned the lamp for use also within industrialized countries, where one may need to light a terrace or garden shed, and who appreciates the flexibility of a rechargeable solar lamp. in western countries, ‘nomad’ can be charged using a mains adapter and a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. it also comes with an attachment allowing one to recharge their mobile phone which can be connected to a second lamp if necessary. the product is set for assembly in either china or south africa, depending on the market they are destined for, and in order to reduce their transport cost and ecological footprint as much as possible.


belgium is design presents ‘nomad’ at the triennale di milano as art of the ‘perspectives’ exhibition during milan design week 2012.

alain gilles: nomad solar lamp for o'sun potential ways of use