‘light on water’ installation raises environmental awareness


The ‘Light On Water’ installation by Albi Serfaty is designed to shed light on the dire state of freshwater lakes around the world. The founder and creative director of Israeli-based lighting design studio Aqua Creations will exhibit the lighting collection at Design Miami 2022. The exclusively designed pieces displayed will also be available for purchase. The artworks give a physical form to the well-spoken environmental issue and raise awareness for social matters such as poverty, violence, and the effect of flora and fauna’s destruction. ‘The design process of ‘Light On Water’ was more than creating light; it is an opportunity to start a wider conversation about the imbalance in freshwater lakes around the world’, says Albi Serfaty.

albi serfaty light on water
‘lake chad’ table lamp, ‘light on water’ collection | all images courtesy of Albi Serfaty



mirroring stainless steel mimics water reflecting light rays


Drawing from the shapes of Lake ‘Doiran’, located in Greece and North Macedonia, and Lake ‘Chad Chad’ in Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria, the materiality of mirrored stainless steel evokes the presence of water. The glow of the multi-colored silk shades creates a sensory, emotional experience. The centerpiece of the installation ‘Lotus Lake’ is made entirely by hand and illustrates a harmonious alternative future. Light and color interplay through 17 silk moving shades, while mirrored on the stainless-steel structure that imitates the presence of water.


Keeping loyalty to the studio’s signature silk, the artist maintained an organic form integrating with the latest technology to the installation’s design. Functioning as luminous artworks, such as a floor lamp, table lamps, a wall light, a ceiling lamp, and a mobile will be displayed. The moving silk shades use the wall as their backdrop for the various generated colors.    

light on water
‘lake chad’ wall light, ‘light on water’ collection

albi serfaty light on water
detail of ‘lake doiran’ floor lamp, ‘light on water’ collection

albi serfaty light on water
‘lake chad’ ceiling light, ‘light on water’ collection

light on water
‘lotus lake’, ‘light on water’ collection



project info:


name: Light On Water
designer: Albi Serfaty – Aqua Gallery | @aqua_creations



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edited by: christina vergopoulou | designboom