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ALCANTARA® is based on some of the most sophisticated scientific research. it can be used to cover, upholster and decorate a wide range of surfaces and structures. it offers aesthetic and functional qualities that you cannot ever experience using other materials. ALCANTARA® combines softness and rich color with high resistance to wear and tear and ease of maintenance.


ALCANTARA® is more and more used by architects and designers in many fields to add soft value to any kind of environment. whether it is for home furniture or to improve the look of cars and yacht interiors, … or to create innovative fashion products like jackets, travel bags, helmets, etc.

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the appeal of ALCANTARA® stems from a true technological breakthrough, an invention that comes from japan. it all started in 1970, when japanese dr. miyoshi okamoto filed a patent for this innovative material. to tap the full potential of this extraordinary discovery, the ENI group (the largest energy producer in italy) was chosen as the european partner that could help it tackle the market. once an agreement had been signed for commercial use of the patent, the material was launched under the brand name alcantara®. all phases of processing, from spinning to dyeing, are carried out in the 450,000 square meters of the large italian plant in nera montoro, near terni.


the high technology that is at the basis of the production of ALCANTARA® allows infinite colour combinations and customized processing. designboom just previewed ALCANTARA’s ® 2009 collection: it presents complex manufacturing processes such as laser-cutting, embossing, rolling, printing, stitching, sewing, etc. in combination with infinite associations of colors and customized solutions, the palette design is intended to satisfy the needs of customers looking for exclusive products.

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the ‘ALCANTARA® design museum’ will be presented during milan design week 09 at superstudio più, in the tortona area. the exhibition is curated by giulio cappellini, art director of ALCANTARA®. a project collaboration with designers carlo colombo, rodolfo dordoni, piero lissoni, paola navone, fabio novembre, matteo thun and companies cappellini, gervasoni, poliform and roda will be featured.