alessandra baldereschi uses natural herbs and spices in tools for household cleaning
images courtesy of alessandra baldereschi




taking influence from past traditions and infusing present-day aesthetics, milan-based designer alessandra baldereschi has created a series of house cleaning tools using natural and aromatic herbs. combining the properties of herbs and spices, they not only serve as an extra ingredient in cooking but they contain elements that prove useful in performing everyday cleaning activities such as de-greasing, disinfecting and deodorizing.

alessandra baldereschi aromatic tools designboom
the aromatic herbs are easily grown gardens and are efficacious in household cleaning




with this knowledge, baldereschi developed ‘grandmother tips’, two collections illustrated as carefully packaged wooden tools and cardboard recipes. the first series takes form as brush and broom tools of varying sizes, with the bristles seemingly replaced with sprouting, fresh herbs. comprised of eight tools, each of which is constituted by two parts made of rubber which is suitable for holding and the preservation of organic elements. meanwhile, the other collection is a series of recipes shaped like tools. made of cardboard, there are 17 different colored recipes containing the dried condiments, emanating their distinctive aromas and printed with their associated remedy and function.

alessandra baldereschi aromatic tools designboom
the rubber casing holds together the sprouting fresh herbs




below is a list of the most popular herbs and their useful properties for our home:



laurel: antiseptic and anti-bacterial, stain remover, stimulating, anti-mold
rosemary: against bad smells, mosquito repellent, antiseptic and antibacterial, against cockroach
cinnamon: powerful disinfectant
mint: against mosquito, against bad smells
basil:  against mosquitoes
sage: whitening, fungicidal, anti-moth, antiseptic and antibacterial,  against bad smells, disinfectant
nettle: de-greasing
thyme: refreshing, disinfectant, fungicide, antiseptic and antibacterial,
maggiorana: against bad odors
chamomile: against mosquitoes
lavender: against fly, mosquitoes and moths, relaxing, anti-mold, antiseptic and antibacterial
oregano: bactericidal

alessandra baldereschi aromatic tools designboom
they have been designed to hold fresh herbs while exploiting their properties for household cleaning

alessandra baldereschi_aromatic tools_designboom_005
each instrument is able to accommodate any type of grass or natural bristle because its easy assembly

alessandra baldereschi_aromatic tools_designboom_006
the idea came from methods used from the past

alessandra baldereschi_aromatic tools_designboom_007
the cardboard recipes have been produced in different shapes and colors

alessandra baldereschi_aromatic tools_designboom_008
the idea and recipes came from methods used in the past

alessandra baldereschi_aromatic tools_designboom_009
each object in cardboard, is identified by the function are used for