the ‘letters’ furniture series by alessandro di prisco

the alphabet is the focal point of letters, a furniture series by italian designer alessandro di prisco intended to address the needs of children. the shapes of the letters serve as the inspiration for the design.

‘s’, a swing, is designed for recreational activity. ‘i’ is a library. ‘a’ and ‘m’ are a chair and table. ‘g’ is a chair-desk which becomes a corner where both working and relaxing are possible.

alessandro di prisco: letters ‘a’ chairs

alessandro di prisco: letters ‘a’ chairs with ‘m’ table

thanks to letters, children will be free to enjoy their time in areas populated by colored letters and learn to become familiar with these forms. the project not only furnishes children’s rooms, but also nursery schools and other areas designed for the entertainment of children.

alessandro di prisco: letters concept rendering of the complete series

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