‘moka alessi’ by alessandro mendini for alessi images courtesy of alessi




in the 1930’s alfonso bialetti who initiated italian brand bialetti, invented, designed and manufactured the first ‘moka express’, which today has become a popular italian coffee maker. alfonso also happens to be the maternal grandfather of the alessi brothers, owners of italian design manufacturer alessi.


for its spring / summer 2011 collection, alessi invited and gave italian architect / designer alessandro mendini  the task of paying a tribute to their relative, asking him to design a new coffee maker for the company, the ‘moka alessi’. mendini’s ‘moka’ is a reinterpretation of its timeless predecessor formalized through a contemporary design consisting of subtle curves. the aim of the project was to bring a new symbolic object to the adialessi catalogue available at an accesible price. the coffee maker was presented at MACEF 2011 in milan.

alessandro mendini: moka alessi ‘moka alessi’ is fashioned off its classic predecessor the ‘moka express’ by bialetti