zambelli creates DINN musical clock for diamantini & domeniconi
all images courtesy of alessandro zambelli




alessandro zambelli is a designer based in italy whose creative passion has turned him towards geometric lamps, 3D printed lighting pendants, and other electronic devices. for his latest project, he has turns towards music, with a deep and vivid understanding of its historical events: ‘the year is 1827; the scene, ‘teatro la pergola’ in florence. the curtain descends. the stage is bathed in light as hushed darkness falls on the auditorium. the repartee is sparkling, witty, and riveting. flashes of original virtuosity hold the audience spellbound. we may be in a theater, but this is no set piece. the dialogue is not between actors, for the protagonists are a violin and a bell. the whimsical genius of niccolò paganini created concerto no. 2 for violin and orchestra. indeed ‘la campanella’ (the little bell) is his most famous concerto. and its first performance was by the maestro himself in this ornate florentine setting. but musical masterpieces never lose their charm.’ thus, using ‘la campanella’ as a driving design concept, zambelli has applied its complex and original characteristics to a clock for diamantini & domeniconi called ‘DINN’.


alessandro zambelli dinn musical clock
the stark white face




the stark, round face takes bare essentials to an extreme. the medium-density fiberboard used for its construction is available in white and light oak. within the circle embedded within the peak of the circumference is a small bell that contrasts the rest of the color palette and materiality of the timepiece. this detail stands out as the accessory’s ringing heart. the visual impression made by the hands, in anthracite-colored aluminum, is equally powerful. they are key features of its idiosyncratic, passing strike mechanism as the minute hand terminates in a tiny hammer which nudges the clapper of the bell hourly. as the clapper swings, it rings the bell, making a noise that serves as the source of the device’s name: ‘DINN’. the ‘musical’ clock is on preview at the 2014 fall maison et objet.

alessandro zambelli dinn musical clock
detail of the minute hand shaped as a mallet which hits the campanella



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